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PRO SESSION: Create a Learning Culture

DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C
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Amir Shaked
PerimeterX, VP of R&D

As VP of R&D @PerimeterX, Amir oversees the team that stays at the forefront of evolving technologies, trends and threats to deliver application protection solutions. At PerimeterX, he led the development of all products and continues to ensure the company’s ability to support more people, requirements and products. Amir specializes in web and data technologies, IoT devices and networking. Prior to PerimeterX, he held leadership roles in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office (PMO). He also worked for several years in cyber-related roles within the Israeli Defense Forces and for the Israeli intelligence services. He holds both master’s and bachelor’s of science degrees from Tel Aviv University.

Building and marinating a five 9s system isn’t just about the tools and technologies. Development culture has a big part in how you keep a system available while scaling it up and supporting more features, users, and locations.
A healthy learning culture, supporting the development, not repairing mistakes, and identifying weak points is another tool in the engineering toolbox.
In this talk, we will discuss how to create a learning culture using debriefs, what to avoid, and how to instill change in an engineering organization.