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PRO SESSION: AI Readiness: Utilizing Machine Learning to Scale Analytics across Big Data

DeveloperWeek PRO Stage A
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Wolf Ruzicka
EastBanc Technologies, Chairman

Wolf Ruzicka is Chairman of EastBanc Technologies. Wolf’s keen vision and strategic direction, coupled with an enthusiastic workforce, has seen the company establish itself at the frontier of technology with a reputation for game-changing excellence. He firmly believes that the world is our playground, and not to be limited by what we see in front of us - a philosophy that he conveys passionately in his talks.

An entrepreneur, technology advocate, and mentor, Wolf has served in many roles. He is a member of the Microsoft Customer Advisory Board for Microsoft Azure and the World Economic Forum’s “Partnering for Cyber Resilience” initiative. He also served as President of APIphany (now part of Microsoft) and held leadership positions with MicroStrategy, Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa, and more. Frequently called upon to speak, Wolf recently presented at the Smart Cities Symposium and DeveloperWeek in New York.

Victor Shilo
EastBanc Technologies, CTO

Chief Technology Officer of EastBanc Technologies, Victor Shilo leads the engineering, data science, and architecture teams of 200 highly educated computer science, mathematics, and physics professionals. Victor is held in high regard by customers for being an innovation catalyst and creative problem solver, especially when faced with highly complex tasks. He is skilled at driving automation and applying new modern methodologies such as an AI-first approach for enterprise and public sector customers alike.

Victor holds a Master's in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University, and finished The Specialized Educational Scientific Center (High School for gifted students) with honor in Mathematics. When not immersed in development, Victor is a keen photographer and enjoys traveling.

The synergy of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques like Machine Learning holds amazing promise for business and organizations across the globe. This huge stockpile of data, when properly harnessed, can give valuable insights and business analytics to the sector/ industry where the data set belongs.

Victor Shilo, Director of Engineering and Wolf Ruzicka, IT Innovator and Chairman of EastBanc Technologies take the stage to walk attendees through a remarkable case study that lays out a strategy to make debt collection prediction models for a large Swedish financial services company’s customer base. Through this project, they were able to identify ways to aid its customers in achieving financial health pulling data across eleven European countries.

Join this session to learn how they utilized the Minimal Viable Process (MVP) methodology to incrementally scale analytics, what data prediction models they are testing, how they plan to tackle creating a machine learning umbrella model that collects data and analyzes it despite different languages and currencies and some of the expected challenges.