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OPEN TALK: What Is "Undone" Department and How to Eradicate It?

Gene Gendel
KSTS Consulting

Gene Gendel ( is an organizational design specialist, agile/lean coach and trainer, consultant and adviser to senior leadership. Almost 15 of 20+ years of his professional experience – Gene dedicated to working with companies of various sizes and lines of business, trying to help them improve internal dynamics, organizational structure and becoming a better place to work. Gene engages at all organizational levels: senior- and mid-level management, teams and individuals. In his work, Gene uses various methods, tools and techniques to amplify learning by others and to ensure that people gain autonomy after Gene “coaches himself out of the job”.

Gene is Certified Agile Coach (CAC), by Scrum Alliance – small elite community of Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC). Today, he is the only CEC who resides in NY State. Gene is also one of the co-creators of Team Level Coaching Certifications (CTC) program for Scrum Alliance.

Gene is also one of very few (22) Certified LeSS Trainers (CLT) globally and one of very few that are based in the United States.

The biggest, most active and fastest rowing LeSS NYC community (pushing 4000 people) has been built by Gene. - PLEASE JOIN!!!

Gene is also well-recognized blogger and publisher.

Today, unfortunately, many agile teams are not yet able to create a true shippable increment every sprint. This is because their Definition of Done (DoD) is weak (immature).
As such, teams have a lot of UNDONE work at the end of every sprint. This work may take a lot of different forms and is usually passed on to a 'special' UNDONE department or group to be handled. In Scrum and in Large Scale Scrum UNDONE department do not exist.
It may seem that reasons for having UNDONE department are purely technical [limitations]. But this is rarely so. For the most part, they are political and have to do with traditional organizational design and sphere of control.