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OPEN TALK: Securing and Managing K8s Apps with Ease: NGINX Service Mesh

Alan Murphy
F5 Networks, Sr. Product Manager, Service Mesh

Joining F5 with the acquisition of NGINX, where he served as the Technical Director for APAC, Alan is currently a Sr. Product Manager focusing on microservice and service mesh technologies with NGINX and F5 products. Prior to his four years at NGINX, Alan was with F5 for ten years, leading the Marketing Reference Architecture teams for ADC and cloud.

Jared Byers
F5 Networks, QA, NGINX Service Mesh

Jared is a software engineer focusing on developing test frameworks for microservices and service mesh technologies.  Prior to joining F5 and NGINX, he worked at Disney and T-Mobile working on mobile applications and microservices.

Matthew Yacobucci
F5 Networks, Architect and Tech Lead, NGINX Service Mesh

Matthew has spent the last 8 years with F5 working on an array of technologies, most recently as a lead architect on service mesh and microservice products. Previously Matthew focused around integrating hardware appliances into modern orchestration systems and cloud native application delivery at F5. Prior to F5 he spent his time working at Cisco and Jabber developing distributed systems for a variety of applications.

Kubernetes brings promises of application modernization and agile applications development and deployment, but it also brings new challenges in managing these environments. Nowhere are these challenges more of an issue than with traffic management and security of microservice environments, especially in those which require high-volume, high-reliability, and high-security. But the good news is that you’re not alone: These challenges impact everyone moving to Kubernetes, and there are solutions to make traffic management and security in Kubernetes microservice environments easier. Come join NGINX Service Mesh engineers to talk about NGINX Service Mesh and tools available for your microservice traffic management challenges. This session will be an engineering round-table where we'll have an open discussion about service mesh use cases, demos, and a Q&A with the engineers. Join us to talk all things mesh, the need for ingress/egress traffic management within a mesh, and some best practice guidelines with microservice traffic management.