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OPEN TALK: SaaS-on-SaaS: The SaaS App Ecosystem That Silently Generates $5b+ Revenue for Developers

DeveloperWeek Main Stage
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Albert Ho
Sidr, Co-Founder

Albert got started as a serial entrepreneur by writing the very first version of Course Hero in 2 weeks, which grew to recently be valued at $1.1B. Albert also co-founded 121nexus, a biomedical tracking company, which was acquired in 2015 and rebranded to Soom and grew to $10M+ ARR. Post acquisition, Albert worked on the early product teams at notable Silicon Valley unicorns Teespring and Checkr. He most recently co-founded Sidr, a Y Combinator-backed startup in the no code space focused on embeddable apps. Albert graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

Tongbo Huang
Chaser, Cofounder

Cofounder at Chaser, no code app builder expert

Did you know that over $200M has been paid out to Shopify app developers in the past 4 years? That Salesforce AppExchange is a $4B+/year business? In this session, we're going to demystify this under-the-radar world of SaaS platform app ecosystems. We'll be discussing hot topics related to SaaS app ecosystems like:
* When does a SaaS platform open up for developers to build apps on?
* What kind of business models exist for these SaaS app ecosystems?
* What team should own this?
* What kind of internal apps do companies build on SaaS platforms?
* Can these apps become venture-scale businesses?

Bring your questions and get ready to learn about about this underdog world of SaaS-on-SaaS startups that is quietly generating several billion in revenue underneath the hood!