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OPEN TALK: Road to Observability: Centric or Agnostic - That Is the Question

Chris Engelbert
Instana an IBM Company, Senior Developer Advocate

Christoph Engelbert is an open source enthusiast and always interested in “Java Next”. In his spare time, he struggles with performance optimizations, the JVM internals or the garbage collector, whereby he is also available to answer questions on these topics as a freelance consultant. He also firmly believes in Polyglot and is familiar with Java, Kotlin, Go, TypeScript and other languages.

As distributed systems grow bigger they have become more complex and harder to manage. The amount of data coming out of these microservices based applications is more than any human, or even group of humans, can process on their own. Because of this, AIOps is essential for proper management of all the Observability data points.

With a look into the AIOps space, there are many different options to choose from. And, those choices are not just limited to products and companies. A bigger challenge is to understand the different routes to implement data gathering. Domain-Centric or Domain-Agnostic are the two main approaches.

In this presentation I’ll walk down the road of issues, how they can be solved, and take a quick tour into the differences of Domain-Centric and Domain-Agnostic approaches, as well as their pros or cons.