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OPEN TALK: (ProductWorld): The 5 Responsibilities of a High-Performing Agile Leader

Jill Stott
NextUp Solutions, Senior Agile Trainer, Excella Training

I am a professional strategic idea person, a coach and a highly-skilled trainer with years of experience. I am adept at researching and analyzing information from diverse perspectives and finding ways to apply Agile to each organization I work with to ensure their greater success.

I came into the technology business from an atypical route, which gives me a unique ability to understand and connect with people. This attribute helps me recognize and mitigate the nebulous, uncomfortable human factors that often hold organizations back from maximizing the benefits of Agile.

In IT, I have held positions as a technical writer, Business Analyst, Manager, QA Engineer, and an Agile Coach. I currently work for Excella Training as an Agile Trainer who teaches custom Agile courses, SAFe, KMP1 and KMP2, and ICAgile courses.

If an Agile team is self-managing, then what's the manager supposed to do?

When a leader stops micro-managing, and truly empowers and trusts the team, they will have ample time to do what an Agile leader should be doing.

A high-performing Agile leader:
1. Understands and works to continually improve the system
2. Hires awesome people and then mentors and coaches them to assist them with their career goals.
3. Provides the tools, training, and environment the teams need to be successful
4. Shields the team from unnecessary outside distractions
5. Removes roadblocks

This session explains these 5 Agile Leadership responsibilities, with specific examples and concrete ways to successful carry out each one on a daily basis.