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OPEN TALK (ProductWorld): Privacy-Respecting Product Development in an Increasingly Informed World

Kelly Huang
Ethyca, VP of Product

Kelly is product leader with extensive software development and product strategy experience in fintech, ecommerce, AAA media, and healthcare IT. She has been responsible for the product vision and monetization strategy for B2C and B2B2C digital products at multinational Fortune 100 companies. Kelly is passionate about building great products with responsible intent and developing the perfect pizza dough.

This talk is a call-to-arms for product managers, UX designers, engineering and all those involved in the software development process to build products for a user base with growing expectations of data privacy and information protection. How can can we, as product leaders, regain trust the of internet citizens by building user-trust-centered experiences in our product? It's not always easy, there are technical limitations, problems at scale, so how can we address them?