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OPEN TALK: Develop Smarter, Easier, and Confidently!

Anthony Baer
Sonatype, Solutions Architect

Anthony Baer is a product development professional with over 15 years software industry experience in Insurance, Healthcare, and Accounting industries. He specializes in leading teams and excels in insuring projects are completed in a timely manner. His expertise is his ability to communicate on all levels of the organization with the understanding of the issues that are motivating for them. His experience in product development have created a rounded personality and have him always looking for ways to improve how to produce a quality product.

The role of the developer continues to change as they sit on the front line of application and even cloud infrastructure security. Today, developers are focused on innovating fast and improving security, but how do high-performing teams accomplish this? They commit code frequently, release often and update dependencies regularly (608x faster than others).

In this webinar, we discuss the key traits of high-performing teams and how that impacts the role of the developer.

Key Takeaways:
Choose the best third party dependencies
Determine the lowest effort upgrades between open source versions
Solve for issues in both direct and transitive dependencies with a single-click
Block and quarantine suspicious open source components