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OPEN TALK (CloudWorld): Going Serverless in an Early Stage Startup

Fatih Acet
Superpeer, Co-founder and CTO

Fatih is currently co-founder and CTO at Superpeer which is started in Jan 2020 and got a $10M investment so far. Before creating Superpeer he was Sr. Frontend Engineer at GitLab. He is one of the Google Developer Experts in Web Technologies. He is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and works remotely since 2013. He loves to see the things he created used by thousands of others. When not working, he publishes videos about software development on his YouTube channel and enjoys being a barista at home.

At the beginning of this year, I built Superpeer with a serverless architecture. We got a total of $10M investment in two different rounds.

Going serverless was one of the best decisions I made at the very beginning, and I am going to talk about the topics below:

- What did we learn from Cloud Functions, and why we switched to Cloud Run?
- How could I continue sleeping during our biggest launches?
- How serverless allowed me to scale my engineering team to 17 engineers?
- How about the costs?