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OPEN TALK (CloudWorld): Cloud Run - Why Serverless Is Awesome

Lars Artmann
Skylines One, Co-Founder, CTO

Lars is the 17-year-old genius and Co-Founder/CTO of Skylines One, a software house focusing on implementing cutting edge technologies to make business' of all industries more agile. A company that helps refine processes and solve real-world, real-market problems with technology.

Lars is an enthusiastic software engineer and has collected over 7 years of experience working with the world's most powerful technologies. He finds great joy in building innovative products that disrupt entire industries. He understands many modern technologies, while his heart beats for Cloud Technology & Kotlin.

His passion for everything he does results in excellence and has opened the ability for him to touch 50k+ people with his passion for software.

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A quick demo about the easiest way to bring your software live.