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OPEN TALK: Benchmarking the Cloud

John Kendall
Cockroach Labs, Product Manager

John Kendall is a Product Manager at Cockroach Labs where is creating solutions for modern cloud applications and enterprises. John cut his teeth as a software engineer at and Microsoft before moving into product management. He has an MBA from MIT and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

Benchmarking cloud providers is difficult and time-consuming. In 2017 our cloud provider decisions were based on tests and informed assumptions. But when we started to see results that contradicted our assumptions, we dug further. Were our assumptions leading us astray?

This led us to develop the Cloud Report, a benchmark comparison of Amazon Web Services (AWS),Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Every year since, cloud infrastructure improves, so we have developed a cadence of benchmarking to keep our own engineering team, as well as our customers, at the cutting edge. In this talk, John breaks down how we benchmark each of the clouds, how we select the benchmarks, and the difficulties that we encounter -- no matter how variables we control for.