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KEYNOTE (ProductWorld) – Working Backward Powered by OKRs

Mariya Breyter
Goldman Sachs, Enterprise Agile Coach

Mariya Breyter is a business and IT executive with twenty years of experience ranging from government jobs to versatile corporate experience in startups, healthcare, media, and education with a passion for leading enterprise-level agile adoptions and culture changes. She is a passionate agilist and lean thinker, and an active member of New York City lean and agile community.

Mariya is also a contributor to a number of online resources on lean, agile and project management topics, including her own lean and agile site,

She has a combined BA /MA degree in Linguistics and Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Linguistics, followed by post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Her passion is lean mindset, and building high-performance teams and organizations. At home, Mariya is using lean principles to organize her family activities, and the kids use Kanban to achieve complete alignment and full transparency.

I am going to describe my journey in building a "working backward" product envisioning and delivery framework for a large financial services firm, and aligning our product strategy with the company-wide OKRs.

This was part of our transformation from project delivery to a customer-centric product-driven innovation enterprise. I will provide specific examples, describe failures and learnings, and share the outcomes.