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KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): ActiveCampaign – Manager’s Toolkit: Building and Structuring Product Teams for Growth

Shay Howe
ActiveCampaign, VP of Platform Strategy

Shay Howe is the VP of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign, where he leads platform experience and ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and product, front-end, and communication design. He works to make the customer a hero, helping them create ideal customer experiences through intuitive products, marketing, and integrations. Prior to ActiveCampaign, Shay was VP of Product at Belly and Yello, where he was responsible for product strategy and design. He has previously led product teams at multiple high-growth companies, including Groupon. He has held in-residence roles as an advisor with the Techstars, Lightbank, and Prota venture portfolios. Shay is the author of "Learn to Code HTML and CSS," published by Pearson Education.

Building trust within your team is not only critical to employee engagement, happiness, and retention—it's what ultimately determines whether your company will succeed. Shay will discuss critical elements for new and experienced product managers to begin implementing as they build, maintain, and scale high-performing teams. During his time at ActiveCampaign, Shay has been instrumental in leading teams across product, design, and engineering—helping the company grow sixfold in just three years. From tackling difficult conversations to key decision-making, Shay will share best practices to identify and address employee struggles and drive improvements in performance. Attendees will learn strategies to foster growth, create alignment with organization goals, and build a culture of meaningful engagement—resulting in world-class product teams driven to optimize the product life cycle.