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KEYNOTE (CloudWorld): Nimbella – Unleashing the Potential of Stateful Serverless Computing

Rodric Rabbah
Nimbella, CTO and Co-Founder

Dr. Rodric Rabbah is the Co-Founder and CTO of Nimbella, a new
serverless cloud provider. Rodric was a Principal Researcher at IBM, where he created Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source and enterprise-grade serverless computing platform powering IBM Cloud Functions, Adobe I/O Runtime, Naver Corporation and
numerous private enterprise offerings. He founded Nimbella two years ago with the goal of making the cloud developer experience beautiful and accessible to developers of all skill sets.

The growing demand for serverless computing runs parallel with the demand for businesses to rapidly scale up their software applications. Within the last five years, serverless has grown exponentially, however it still only represents a tiny fraction of all computing that takes place in the cloud.

There are important factors gating wider adoption, the most significant of these is the the absence of support for stateful workloads and applications. In this session, Rodric Rabbah, CTO and co-founder of Nimbella, will address those limitations and make suggestions on how the industry could realize the full potential of serverless architecture by leveraging native support for state in the serverless platform. Topics will cover how this approach works and why it is necessary to support state natively in the serverless platform.

This talk will leave attendees with the understanding of what stateful serverless offers developers, focusing on the ability to build complex workflows and stateful APIs with all the benefits of serverless. This includes no infrastructure or data stores to manage, no storage to provision explicitly, instant availability, and elastic scalability. In all, stateful serverless enables enterprises to rapidly scale their application layer in a cloud native environment.