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FEATURED TALK: Expanding Your Developer Base - An Emerging Trend in Application Development

Srinivas Thummalapalli
Fifth Third Bank, Senior VP - Chief Enterprise Architect

As the Chief Enterprise Architect for Fifth Third Bank, Srinivas Thummalapalli currently leads the Architecture efforts for several transformation activities efforts for the Bank in the areas of Tech Resiliency, Cloud Adoption, Next Generation Landing Zones, Bank Core Modernization, Portfolio Simplification, App Dev Maturity etc. Srinivas also researches the tech trends and evaluates emerging tech for adoption by the enterprise. Prior to Fifth Third, Srinivas delivered API/Cloud Frameworks for Capital One while leading the inner sourcing strategy, delivered Enterprise Architecture blue print for several IT capabilities needed for Wal-Mart Middleware tech portfolio and led teams to deliver state of the art SOA suite for AT&T South East. Srinivas holds Masters in Computer Science from Midwestern State University, Texas.

How can IT deliver the rapidly increasing feature backlog with not so rapidly increasing developer pool? How can IT leverage the legacy workforce that once was on the leading edge of tech but over the years became more known for business expertise than the cutting edge tech we need them to be experts on? How can we make that work force churn out code rapidly using latest tech without them having to learn intricate details of the underlying tech? How can we enable everyday deploy without having to hire a large pool of dev ops engineers? Come learn Low Code No Code Development that will address these issues.

While the Lo Code No Code movement has been evolving for a few years now, what’s really emerging is the pace at which the providers are increasing their market cap. Added to that trend is the acquisitions of some of these by the Cloud providers - AWS, Microsoft and Google. Enterprises will start looking at options beyond the Cloud in the next few years and this is why, it’s really important to fully evaluate this for applicability in your enterprise. IT Executives need to have their Strategy and Architecture teams evaluate this NOW to make an impact on planning for future.

In this session, we will go over those platform trends briefly but will focus on areas of an enterprise that can potentially benefit from this technology. Attendees an walk away with an understanding of the potential footprint this tech is best suited to occupy, potential benefits of this tech, ways to exploit the non-traditional workforce in IT development, and an understanding of potential pivot points in the tech transformation efforts that are currently underway in their organizations.