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CLOSING KEYNOTE: Rippling -- How an Entrepreneurial Culture Shapes an Engineering Team

Jeremy Henrickson
Rippling, VP of Product and Engineering

Jeremy Henrickson is Rippling's VP of Product and Engineering, responsible for scaling

a world-class engineering team across two continents. Previously as Chief Product

Officer at Coinbase, he oversaw 5x growth of the product and engineering organization

and transformed a scrappy startup into a global cryptocurrency platform with millions of

users. He began his career at Apple in the 1990s and holds a BS and MS in Computer

Science from Stanford. Jeremy enjoys playing board games and piano with his kids.

Is it possible for a tech company to have an entrepreneurial, engineering-first culture? Jeremy will speak to why Rippling recruits failed founders, prioritizes engineering, and is executing a playbook that runs counter to the conventional wisdom of how to start and scale a company.