Thursday, February 18, 2021

PRO SESSION: Beyond the Network: Data-Centric Security and Technical Controls for Kubernetes
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Tim Tschampel
Tim Tschampel
Virtru, VP of Engineering Product Development

Kubernetes has transformed the way in which we manage cloud environments and build cloud-native applications, but for many developers, a higher degree of transparency within Kubernetes is needed. This session will explore how data-centric security in Kubernetes can provide technical controls for data in use by an application. Today’s approach of network-level security through the use of service mesh relies on blind trust that data is used for its intended purpose.

Instead, in this session, we’ll explore the next frontier of Kubernetes security: one in which technical controls persist throughout the pipeline to protect data in-motion and in-use. We’ll discuss low-friction methods for enabling control at the data level, including how to enable non-humans to access data in specific ways and places and how to create a strong form of identity.