Thursday, February 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Shift Data Security to the Left
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Steve Luplow
Steve Luplow
Absio Corporation, Vice President, Software Development

Historically, data security has been an afterthought — something that others handle; the IT team will handle it after our software goes live, the client will handle it with hardware. In today’s environment of large-scale data breaches, data security as an afterthought is too little too late.

Application and data security should be part of every design and product roadmap discussion just like functionality, stability and user experience. The more mobile the data needs to be, the more agile the solution needs to be. By shifting security conversations to early in the product development lifecycle instead of after code has already been released, software organizations can save money, better differentiate their offerings and scale more effectively in the long run. This session will discuss important design considerations for application-level security and how to select tools and methods that support your software architecture instead of dictating it.