Thursday, February 18, 2021

KEYNOTE: IBM – Supercharging the Developer Experience with an Enriched API Hub
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Soumitra Limaye
Soumitra Limaye
IBM, Director, Digital Technology Lab & API Economy

With trillions of programmable endpoints to be interconnected and the “new” urgency to drive digitization, API’s role in the open, Hybrid Cloud world is poised to grow exponentially. In addition, APIs will create powerful ways for us to streamline how we engage with our ecosystem and together deliver new services and applications that empower our consumers and developers to build solutions. 

IBM API Hub is the platform to drive the API Economy and easily discover, try, adopt and consume APIs from all of IBM and an open ecosystem. Key highlights are – 
·      Built on Industry-proven platform of IBM API Connect in Cloud
·      Simplified onboarding
·      Subscription and Key management
·      Self-service lifecycle management
·      Cognitive based Recommendation
·      High availability infrastructure 

Explore the integrated Playground experience that comes loaded with code accelerators to start on a fast track to build solutions for their business needs.
This session will reinforce the importance of APIs in the “Digital” world and how IBM is driving the API Economy mission with a reimagined developer experience as well as ecosystem.