Thursday, February 18, 2021

PRO SESSION: Making the Case for People First Automation
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Sagi Eliyahu
Sagi Eliyahu
Tonkean, Co-Founder & CEO

How can we use AI to enhance workers’ performance, not replace them? The employee experience of 2030 will look nothing like that of 2010, and it's up to us to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. If we allow automation and AI to be used solely to expand business profits, it may lead to hiring fewer workers, which ultimately spells trouble for the economy. Or, we could use automation and AI to create technology that takes away the most tedious parts of our jobs, leaving us with more time to do thoughtful and meaningful work.

Operations in particular has historically been neglected and under-resourced as a business function. Ops teams themselves lack resources specific to the mission-critical work they do. That is changing, and changing fast. These ops teams should be the ones deciding how AI gets implemented throughout the business. Otherwise, it’ll lead to operational debt where teams are using a messy web of tools and systems that don’t interact.

In this session, Sagi will make the case for people first automation, explain how to reshape the work of employees so they can deliver more value to their companies, how to empower operations professionals with adaptive platforms to complete business processes, and help companies decipher what should and shouldn’t be automated.