Thursday, February 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Releases: The Last Frontier of Standardization
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Ravi Lachhmaan
Ravi Lachhmaan
Harness, Evangelist

As software engineers, we strive to better our craft and leave a lasting mark on the organizations we work for. Throughout our careers, we balance two types of knowledge: the combination of business domain and technical stack is our bread and butter.

No matter if you work for a bank or an app that is revolutionizing wine delivery for pets, as an engineer you tend to get better at developing features. Design patterns and approaches learned on one project can transfer into others, while the new challenges add to your skillset. Ironically what does not transfer easily between projects is the process of deploying and releasing the software that you work so hard to build. For most organizations, deployments and releases are team-centric since applications are unique but Continuous Delivery is changing that.

Learn in this session how modern Continuous Delivery approaches are ushering in standardization in one of the last and sometimes scary frontiers for software engineers, your releases. Core to Continuous Delivery is making strides in engineering efficiency. With advancements with AI/ML in your CI/CD pipelines, even the most snowflake based deployments can benefit from standardization.