Thursday, February 18, 2021

KEYNOTE: Citrix – Your Chip Implant Is Ready, Are You?
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PJ Hough
PJ Hough
Citrix, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer

As AI and machine learning advance, human augmentation becomes less a dystopian idea than a utilitarian one. There is definite trepidation about the increasing role of machines in the workforce, many fear for their livelihood, robotic overlords and other such dystopian visions of how a robot / AI future would look. Yet to remain competitive, some workers in the future may choose to augment themselves with under-the-skin chips to make themselves more competitive and take digital performance enhancement to previously unimaginable levels.

While some roles may disappear, others will emerge bringing employment to more people – but would need to be protected under government regulations, but the protections themselves could not be so stringent as to nullify the perceived benefits to the enterprise. This pathway might also lead to higher burnout, with workers never being able to fully “clock out.”