Thursday, February 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Stop Using Databases and Start Using Data Services
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Patrick McFadin
Patrick McFadin
DataStax, Head of Developer Relations

If you are building applications today, you are probably using either cloud or Kubernetes ... or both! As a result, we are entering an era that we don’t have to make complex architecture decisions by weighing tradeoffs on scale, uptime, and usability. Patrick McFadin has been building and supporting scale applications for a long time and has seen all the evolution that has brought us to today. Engineer to engineer, Patrick wants to show you his journey into this world and what he’s been doing at DataStax and the Apache Cassandra project to help make it a reality. Here’s what he’ll cover.

-How you can shorten application development time and ship code fast
-The role of open source in this next wave of modern application development
-Ways to participate in this fast-moving community of data services
-How you can futureproof your code and be ready for the next big thing