Thursday, February 18, 2021

OPEN TALK (ProductWorld): Aligning UX and Product Teams for Success
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Kandis O’Brien
Kandis O’Brien
The SIX, Co-Founder

When we imagine an ideal product team our vision is usually of a small, autonomous group of product strategists, designers and engineers all aligned and moving with momentum towards a shared mission.

The reality tends to be somewhat different …  especially in large enterprises where functions like Product Management, UX and Engineering sometimes remain inextricably and intransigently siloed even when they are ostensibly working on delivering the same product.

In this talk we’ll explore:

  • The roles of Product Management and UX across the full product lifecycle
  • Common misconceptions and frustrations about product and UX functions and how skillset biases and levels of influence across functions can radically impact what a team does and what actually gets build
  • Essential tips for getting product teams aligned around What to build, How to build it and most importantly, WHY to build it
  • Case studies from The SIX on using Design Sprints and rapid prototyping to help teams align and test product market fit in 5 days or less.