Friday, February 19, 2021

OPEN TALK (ProductWorld): Gamification Strategy for Enterprises to Enable Product Practices
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Garima Bajpai
Garima Bajpai
Capital Carbon Consulting, Co-Creator Continuous Product Oriented Practice

We need a strategy to embrace, evolve and innovate product practices through collective engagement

This talk proposes an enterprise level Gamification strategy and eventually highlights the Convergence of Gamification and Machine Learning to build next-generation products

The Enterprise level Strategy for gamification lays the foundation for -
- Introduce culture of experimentation
- Measuring innovation by integration of scores
- Engage End-User in Gamification, mock-up..
- Introduce researchers in the process
- Creating Open-Source Projects
- Map the Road to Organized innovation

First steps in this journey understanding "Gamification" - integration of game elements like point systems, leaderboards, badges, or other elements to build collective thinking on complex problems of future

Second step to identify critical business question for future & next-generation product portfolio
- Non Linear products & Features
- New security threats
- New Data Sources & Data Protection
- Optimal level of Agility
- People Driven Compliance
- Hyper- Automation

Third Step onboard to a Gamification Strategy to answer critical business Questions of future
- Shortest lead-time ( How fast )
- Smallest number of errors
- Hyper-Automation challenges for complex task
- Ranking based “Toil” removal
- Loyalty points where customer redeem points