Thursday, February 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Why Do I Need Runtime Security....and Why Do I Want Cookies Too?
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Dan “POP” Papandrea
Dan “POP” Papandrea
Sysdig, Director of Open Source Community and Ecosystem
Scott Surovich
Scott Surovich
HSBC, Global Container Engineering Lead

Runtime security for containers, Kubernetes and cloud native isn't for the faint of heart. To confidently secure your applications, you need a recipe. And, much like the one grandma used for her consistently amazing chocolate chip cookies, the one you get from this session will guarantee your security success.

In this session, Scott Surovich and POP will share practical experience and excerpts from Scott's new book Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide. They’ll share the key ingredients for tooling that provides an engine, ruleset, and outputs that fit real-world scenarios.

They will cover:
- An introduction to CNCF open source project Falco for runtime security of applications/ cloud native infrastructure
- Real world use cases of Falco with a short demo showing rulesets and outputs valid for your business
- A primer to how to contribute your own capabilities to Falco
- A kickass chocolate chip cookie recipe to wow your friends and family