Thursday, February 18, 2021

KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): Substantial – Are We Building Products That Are Ruining the World?
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Carey Jenkins
Carey Jenkins
Substantial, CEO

Society is grappling with the simultaneous ubiquity of technology in all aspects of our lives and decreasing trust that it is in our best interests. We are over-worked and under-nourished - the simplicity and connection technology promises is too great to resist. As we focus more and more time on our digital self, we hand over our most precious commodity -- our attention.

Innovators and technologists are in an unprecedented position to create experiences that impact how society interacts with every facet of our world. How can we create meaningful products that improve our lives and are worthy of our attention?

During this talk, Carey will share her perspective on how the intersection of ethics and technology leads to the development of more compelling products and more conscious innovation cultures. She’ll unpack how technologists have not just a responsibility, but a mission, to design and build more intentionally with creativity, diversity and the purpose to foster a more positive world.