BBF Unbound: No More Drama

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Maru Colbert
Sunday, October 24 | virtual

Maru Colbert is an engineering professor and performer. Her research and teaching spans the engineering fields of chemical, environmental and materials science with a STEM focus on chemistry and mathematics. Additionally, she runs a cultural arts company based in Boston. Her spoken, written and choreographed works have been featured in Denver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit and Boston. Maya, Nikki, Lorraine, Zora, Alice, Toni, Harriet, Sojourner, Michelle, Nina, Langston, August, Jacob, Romare, Cicely, James, Harry, Coretta, Aretha, Stevie, Billie, CBG and Duro are some of her many “influencers” for writing, acting, singing and design. When asked about her motivation she responded, “she writes what her soul releases."

Blending BBF’s flash fiction (but going flash real) and Her’tazhe’s Response Theater (RT) (reference Playback Theater) this session involves the viewers in an evocative event that focuses on injustice. Books and plays that have societal inequities as a theme will be referenced and dramatized through theater, poetry, vocals and instruments. Similar to BBF’s  past flash fiction sessions, three Boston residents were asked to complete a reflective writing exercise regarding an oppressive, personal experience. Together, we will see these stories and a subset of other and possibly related “drama” that occurs in BIPOC communities, enacted. The overarching message is that the “drama” of inequity must end. This session is related to a second workshop, featuring a more specific discussion of injustice and the need for equity, occurring in person, whenever possible.