BBF Unbound: A Warming World and Your WIP: Facing Up to the Climate Emergency in Your Fiction

Julie Carrick Dalton
Waiting for the Night Song, Monday, October 18 | ICA Boston Grandstand

Julie Carrick Dalton grew up in Maryland and on a military base in Germany. As an adult, she bounced around from Seattle to Dallas to Virginia, before finding her true home in Boston, where she has lived for more than twenty years. Her writing has appeared in the Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, the Hollywood Reporter, Electric Literature, and other publications. She contributes to the Chicago Review of Books, DeadDarlings, and The Writer Unboxed. A Tin House alum and graduate of GrubStreet’s Novel Incubator, Julie holds a master’s in literature and creative writing from Harvard Extension School. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of writing fiction in the age of climate crisis. Mom to four kids and two dogs, Julie is a passionate skier, hiker, and kayaker. She also owns and operates an organic farm. Please excuse her dirty fingernails.

Erica Ferencik
Girl in Ice, Monday, October 18 | ICA Boston Grandstand

An award-winning novelist, Erica Ferencik writes adventure novels featuring women who brave not only internal struggles but face extreme challenges in their environment: remote forests, steaming jungles, and desolated icescapes. To research The River at Night, Into the Jungle, and her upcoming thriller Girl in Ice, which will publish in March 2022, she ventured deep into the remote forests of the Allagash Territory in Northern Maine, rafted the Amazon River in the jungles of Peru, and explored the desolate iceberg-packed fjords of Greenland. Ferencik considers her MA in creative writing from Boston University just the beginning of her literary education. Her thirty-five years of writing—novels, short stories, essays, ghostwriting, ten years of standup and sketch comedy, as well as dozens of screenplays, and a brief filmmaking stint—was her boots-on-the-ground training. Her work has appeared in Salon and the Boston Globe, as well as on National Public Radio. Ferencik was raised in the wilds of upstate New York during the era when—rightly or wrongly —you could take off after school to explore and no one worried, as long as you were home by dark. Now, she lives in MetroWest Boston with her "very tolerant husband and frankly enormous Maine Coon cat."

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Pretty soon all fiction will be climate fiction. There is no escaping what’s happening to our big beautiful world and the fact that we are the cause of the climate emergency. But how do we as writers deal with this? Have you found the climate emergency—dark as it is—inspiring or hindering or in some ways both? Has your relationship with nature changed over the time you’ve been an active writer? How will that relationship affect your storytelling going forward? Join authors Julie Carrick Dalton and Erica Ferencik at the ICA Boston’s outdoor Grandstand, overlooking the Boston waterfront, to discuss the evolving role of nature and climate in literature. Attendees will leave with a diverse climate fiction reading list and some take-home writing prompts inspired by the outdoor setting of this timely conversation. After the session, please visit Porter Square Books’ brand-new Seaport location to shop for our presenters’ books, and get a free tour of GrubStreet’s new home at the Center for Creative Writing! Presented in partnership with GrubStreet and ICA Boston.

Please abide by city and venue regulations with regard to mask wearing and social distancing for this in-person event.