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Using Data, Social Media and Analytics to Understanding How to Respond to COVID-19 Impacts and Challenges

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Chris Armstrong (He/Him)
Accenture Interactive, Experience Optimization Lead
Katie Townsley (She/Her)
Accenture, Strategy Director
Melissa Moloney (She/Her)
Accenture, Higher Ed, Non Profit, and Government Consulting Executive
Kevin Ellenwood (He/Him)
Accenture, Managing Director

COVID-19 has exacerbated and greatly accelerated the challenges that companies, government organizations and higher education institutions were already facing. No longer are the past data models sufficient in accurately predicting future trends around enrollment or engagement patterns. We invite educational institutions to join us in a discussion around leveraging new tools and social listening in a time of social distancing to understand perspectives and needs, address concerns and better prepare for strategizing in this new reality.