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A-LIST up close & personal: Growing a Thriving Team & Business with Persistence

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Hugh Forrest
SXSW, Chief Programming Officer
Tony Aguilar
Chipper, Founder/CEO
John Berkowitz
OJO Labs, CEO & Co-founder
Brent Bellm
BigCommerce, CEO
Tahjar "Tee" Roamartinez
Cyber Warfighters Group, Founder & CEO

Announcing “Ace in the Hole” Award, “Top Tech Team” Award and Tech & Inno Awards (1-10 employees category)

Leaders must be persistent and determined to grow a thriving team and business. Exceptional entrepreneurs grow out of drive, grit and adaptability. You could call them “glass eaters” or “pragmatic innovators.” They excel in creativity and resiliency and find ways to scale their teams and companies.