Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Storytelling for Thought Leaders - Helping Your Diversity and Inclusion Stories Come to Life!
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Bobby Umar (He/Him)
Bobby Umar (He/Him)
DYPB - Discover Your Personal Brand, CEO

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, two of the biggest challenges for senior organizational leaders include” Sharing your personal stories on D&I in an authentic, vulnerable or powerful way to inspire, impact and connect with your employees Investing in the stories of your employees to better understand them and to empower to have a voice in your organization The lack of interpersonal communications and storytelling in the workplace can result in a lack of belonging and low motivation. We teach participants to effectively communicate key messages with greater influence and impact. We also explore emotional resonance and persuasion using the art of storytelling. There will be a customized focus on stories around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Storytelling will have a greater impact on your speaking, events, meetings, and digital content including blog posts, social media updates, and videos. It will also enhance your overall thought leadership brand. The course content is designed to solve these challenges through the following techniques, strategies and content elements. Extracting your diversity, equity and inclusion story from your experiences. 

  • Sharing data on how to build rapport and an emotional connection with your audience. 
  • Reviewing case studies of powerful thought leaders in the diversity and inclusion space. 
  • Giving participants a clear design and structure for their D&I stories and direction on developing a short 3 minute story of their own. Demonstrating and sharing information about the positive impact of senior leaders sharing their stories and encouraging their employees to do the same. 
  • Getting a few participants to share their stories and get feedback from the instructor with some from the group. 
  • Next steps to build on your story and tactics to empower the stories of your employees.