PRO TALK (MICROSERVICES): Never Design against Requirements

Tal Joffe
Nielsen, Engineering Director

Tal is a Web development director in Nielsen where he is also the organizer of the "Big web theory" meetup group, editor and writer of the Nielsen Tel Aviv tech blog and a champion of design best practices, functional programming, and clean code.
Tal is trying to combine his passion for technology and methodology to create happy effective teams that deliver great results.
In his spare time, Tal listens to many podcasts and will happily talk about them

Yes, you read it correctly. When I first heard this sentence I didn't get it too. But when I looked back on all the systems I've seen start as small and simple and become a monstrous legacy I realized that not being able to adapt to changes in requirements was the cause.In this talk, I will explain how to create and implement an architecture that is structured around the volatilities of the solution and not its functional requirements.We will talk about a methodological approach to building such an architecture and some tips and guidelines on how to implement this architecture in a real-life NodeJS project