PRO TALK (MICROSERVICES): Accelerating CI/CD Pipelines with Kubernetes Storage Orchestration

Barak Nissim
ionir, Solutions Director

Barak Nissim is a Solutions Director with ionir. With over 15 years of IT experience from core datacenter infrastructure to advanced cloud technologies, Barak leads ionir’s product and solutions portfolio, engaging with customers, partners, and acts as cloud-native storage advocate.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platforms such as Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI and the like dramatically speed deployments by allowing administrators to automate virtually every process step. Automating the data layer is the final frontier. Today, hours are wasted manipulating datasets in the CI/CD pipeline. Allowing Kubernetes to orchestrate the creation, movement, reset, and replication of data eliminates dozens of wasted hours from each deployment, accelerating time to market by 500X or more. Using real-life examples, Jacob Cherian, CEO of ionir, will describe the architecture and implementation of a true ‘Data as Code’ approach that allows users to:o Automatically provision compute, networking and storage resources in requested cloud provider / BM environments. o Automatically deploy the required environment-specific quirks (specific kernels, kernel modules, NIC configurations), o Automatically deploy multiple flavors of Kubernetes distributions.o Apply Kubernetes customized deployment (Feature Gates, API server tunables, etc ) o Automate recovery following destructive testing o Replicate datasets to worker nodes instantl The whole point of DevOps is to enable rapid iteration, yet the model falls apart when it comes to moving data through the pipeline. Jacob will discuss how container-native storage and data management solutions can enable truly continuous integration and delivery, allowing organizations to quickly make the changes that serve their customers and provide market differentiation.