PRO TALK (API): Best Practices in Scaling a Full Lifecycle API Program as a Product

Sreeram Narayan
Nucleus Software, API product Manager

Sreeram Narayan is a passionate Product manager and currently working in the role of an API evangelist responsible for managing and monetising the API assets at Nucleus software. His recent experience has focussed on defining an API Center of Excellence, crafting an API monetisation strategy and help build an inhouse API management solution taking care of a total API experience for customers in the banking industry. In his decade long experience, two things have stayed constant with him - Product Development & API Management and hence he is looking forward to talk about how to avoid common mistakes in developing and managing APIs - that over 70 % of the industry do not take care of.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 80% of organisations identify themselves to have implemented advanced or expert level API strategies. Surely, APIs are not just technical services or programs anymore. APIs that are conceptualised and managed end to end as a product can do wonders for the business.  In this talk, Sreeram Narayan will take cues from running a successful API platform program for managing over 450+ Open APIs for an enterprise fintech solution and also take a look at the key strategies that can be counted as best practices in defining, developing and scaling the next generation API experience that can unlock digital revenue opportunities for business.  You will learn about how to productize the API development program across multi dimensional and cross functional teams, prioritisation lessons for API roadmap, taking right decisions on open source and API tools, API monetisation techniques and using rich APIs as the sales enabler for your community.