OPEN TALK (API): You're Doing Microservices Wrong

Jonathan Oliver
SmartyStreets, CEO and Founder

Jonathan Oliver has always been a smarty pants. At 8 years old he was coding on an IBM PC. When he was 10, he got a C compiler for his birthday. At 12, he was writing “shareware” software and getting paid for various apps he would write and post online. Today? He’s the CEO and founder of SmartyStreets, an address verification software used by companies like Netflix, Zillow, DHL, Nasa and Pfizer. When he's not obsessing over distributed systems, he's probably performing at a local improv comedy club.

Organizational efforts to adopt microservices will more easily fail because of how our understanding of what a microservice is has shifted from its original meaning. In this presentation, we will look at the current communication paradigm of microservices and how this leads us down the road to massive amounts of unnecessary operational complexity compared to proper microservices or even a monolith. We will further discuss ways to avoid these common pitfalls to improve the likelihood of success.