OPEN TALK (API): The Best Door You’ve Ever Seen: How Your Business Can Get APIs Right

Brian Pagano
Axway, Chief Catalyst, VP

Brian Pagano is Vice President and Chief Catalyst at Axway, where he leads a global team of thought leaders. Brian has 26 years of experience as a technology and business leader, guiding companies through transitions.

Brian came to Axway from Google, where he was Global Platform Strategist for Google Cloud. Before that he helped define the APIM space as part of the leadership team of a startup which had a successful IPO. Brian has been a technology executive on Wall Street and in Italy.

Brian has been interviewed by numerous podcasts, magazines, and other publications and he is highly sought as a public speaker.

It has been said that “an API is the front door to your business”. But, is an API only a front door? What other kinds of doors do you need? And, perhaps most importantly, what makes a good door?