OPEN TALK (API): Building Your OpenAPI Document: A Few Different Approaches

Ed Ropple
MUX, Community Engineer

Ed is the kind of developer whose stack of hats grew so large throughout his career that it was inevitable that he’d take a turn in developer relations--like here, at Mux! Previously he’s added hats to that hat-stack at Hydrow, Bitlancer, and a bunch of consulting adventures; his career has taken him through scaling-heavy cloud architecture to API design and multi-platform mobile development, sometimes all at once; he also leads day-of broadcast ops for the Demuxed conference and occasionally streams bad video games on Twitch, too.

If you’re working with OpenAPI, the first question you have to solve is how to get that document written. An implementor can generate a server based on a spec, generate a spec based on a server, or write a spec independent of a server. Ed’s done all three, and will share some of his findings from putting each into production.