(MICROSERVICES): Monitoring Kubernetes vs. Serverless Based Applications

Erez Berkner
Lumigo, CEO & Co-Founder

Erez is the CEO & Co-Founder of Lumigo, building a SaaS platform which helps companies monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications while providing actionable insights that prevent business disruptions.

Prior to founding Lumigo, Erez held different R&D and product positions at Check Point. Most recently, as the director of cloud products, he headed the company’s cloud strategy & execution, delivering products to thousands of companies ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500.

The software we write does not always work as smoothly as we would like. In order to know if something went wrong, understand the root cause, and fix the problem, we need to monitor our system and get alerts whenever issues pop up. There are many useful tools and practices for Kubernetes-based applications. As we adopt serverless architecture can we continue to use the same practice? Unfortunately, the answer is no.In this session we will discuss: The differences between monitoring Kubernetes and serverless based applicationsBest practices for serverless monitoringMethods to efficiently troubleshoot serverless based applications Join our session and start enjoying the great benefits of serverless computing.