KEYNOTE (API): Digibee -- Modern Integration Architecture: A New Approach to Unlock Organizational Agility at Scale

Peter Kreslins
Digibee, CTO, Co-Founder

Peter Kreslins is an experienced technology specialist who has worked in various roles at multinational companies and has led product teams from finding market-fit until it's consolidation. Recently he dared to explore the "Start up" world and co-founded Digibee alongside two well known colleagues. Digibee is reinventing how systems integration is done. Kreslins holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Today the number one challenge companies are facing is how they become more flexible to change. New market demands, disruptive technologies, fierce competition and obsessive differentiation only help to make reality worse.

Organization agility starts with small, independent teams, which organize themselves around a single, but impactful problem, delivering value to users and getting quick feedback.

As these teams deliver value and spread throughout the organization, dependencies between them start to appear, hindering agility all over again. This counterintuitive behavior means organizations need to find a solution to keeping teams independent while making them connected.

In this session we will discuss how a modern integration architecture makes independent teams accelerate and, at the same time, collaborate better at scale.