FEATURED TALK (API): API Practices to Overcome M&A Integration Stumbling Blocks

Snezana Sahter
Intuit, Distinguished Architect

Snezana Sahter is a distinguished architect in Intuit focusing on the Financial Data Platform which enables all of Intuit’s products to connect with banks across the globe. She has been with Intuit since 2017, excited for the opportunity to expand her e-commerce and marketplace domain knowledge into FinTech. Domain driven design and modeling APIs while dealing with legacy has been her area of interest for the past several years. Prior to Intuit, she was a principal architect at eBay for 10+ years, responsible for modeling and API strategy in Identity and Risk Management domains. Originally from Serbia, she has spent most of her engineering career in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important ways to grow a business, and deliver a customer benefit faster. When the acquisition strategy calls for a capability integration into a customer facing product, leveraging APIs is the key to success. But have you found yourself wondering how to reconcile customer identities from both sides? In this talk I will explore practices Intuit has been applying to resolve typical integration issues companies face while looking to fulfill the M&A deal promise.