Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Successor to APIs: Autonomous Integration Mesh
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Zdenek "Z" Nemec
Zdenek "Z" Nemec, Founder & CTO

In 2020 the worldwide annual cost of API development reached 100bn USD. As the global pandemic further accelerated the push for digital transformation, the need for connecting business digitally reached the all-time maximum. Yet, we are still manually wiring our systems together. We hard-code our applications in a process hardly scalable and borderline reliable.The autonomous integration pattern enables applications to discover, contract, and connect automatically without worries about maintenance. Private and public registries of business capabilities will form the backbone of Autonomous Integration Mesh and replace word-of-mouth and web search. Self-navigating and self-healing API clients will reduce the need for tedious work and provide blazing-fast resilient connections. Finally, API clients will contract and purchase digital capabilities opening the new era of all-digital sales and AI trading.This talk will explore autonomous API integration and discuss its practical implementation, cost, and time reduction impact on current API practices.