Thursday, October 28, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Build vs Buy: How APIs Can Speed up the Product Development Process
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Tanel Tähepõld
Tanel Tähepõld
PDF Generator API, Founder

We, as developers and engineers, love to build new things - it is in our DNA. But as CTOs, engineering leads and product managers, we need to take one step back and look over our strategy. The challenge we often face is that the business side expects us to deliver the best product with the least time without compromising the quality. How can this be done with limited resources and short timeframes?

Whenever planning a new application or improving an existing one, we should constantly evaluate if the next feature is developed in-house or pick an off-the-shelf solution. I believe that one should only build the things that are the core function of their business and add direct value to IP and customers.

Let's dig into the benefits and challenges of using third party APIs to speed up the product development process.