Thursday, October 28, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): APIs for IoT Cellular Network Diagnostics
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Shruti Kuber
Shruti Kuber
EMnify, Developer Advocate

The beauty of IoT solutions is that they can be managed from a central location and deployed all around the world. Although the challenge in this situation is that if the devices are disconnected from the network, the only way is to send someone to the location and try to diagnose the problem and fix it which can be tedious, expensive and slow.

This is not an ideal solution as the whole point of this type of deployment is that it can be deployed to remote places. Moreover you don't always have people everywhere the devices are deployed.

In these conditions, working with your cellular network provider(s) to diagnose connectivity issues can be a struggle as their network infrastructure is often a black box. There needs to be a way with which you can remotely diagnose a network issue or take preemptive actions so avoid failures.

In this talk, I will take you through ways of using meta-data from the cloud-native core network of EMnify to troubleshoot network issues using the EMnify API.

Attendees with walk away with the following knowledge:

How to get more out of your SIM card and connection used in your IoT device?

What could be the possible reasons for your IoT device to go offline?

What kind of meta-data can you get from the core of a Cellular Network infrastructure?

How to troubleshoot your offline devices?

How to use this network meta-data to form comprehensive dashboards to keep an eye on all your devices?

How else can network meta-data help you with daily operations in managing your IoT solution.

The target attendee would be developers, product managers, operations people, CTO etc. who work in the IoT industry and use cellular communication for their IoT devices.