Wednesday, October 27, 2021

PRO TALK (MICROSERVICES): Your Mess Needs a Mesh
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Shannon McFarland
Shannon McFarland
Cisco, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Cloud Native Technologies

Microservices are becoming more and more prevalent in modern day cloud-native deployments. Even with cloud-native container-based microservice deployments, there can be challenges with consistent and reliable support for L7 metrics, rate limiting, traffic load splitting, circuit breaking, canary deployments, etc. Service Meshes address these issues. The Service Mesh framework takes care of the service discovery, service identity, security, traffic flow management and policy enforcement of each service. In this session, the attendee will learn what common application/service pain points (mess) a Service Mesh can resolve, what a Service Mesh is, how it integrates with Kubernetes and how various microservices can leverage a Service Mesh for things like service discovery and traffic flow management. Linkerd, Envoy and other service mesh types and components will be discussed.