Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PRO WORKSHOP (MICROSERVICES): Out with the Old “Lift and Shift” - New Techniques for Modernizing Legacy Apps for Cloud Native
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Moti Rafalin
Moti Rafalin
vFunction, Co-Founder

Modernizing legacy applications is a critical element of enterprise digital transformation today. Without enhancing technology, technical debt becomes too costly to maintain causing customer and business interruptions and leaving a company increasingly vulnerable to the competition. Enterprises who have tried to lift-and-shift their monolithic applications are often disappointed with their results because “lift and shift” methods don’t allow for enterprises to take full advantage of the value cloud brings. It’s not until a business has refactored their legacy applications into microservices that the true benefits of the cloud can be realized. In this session, Moti Rafalin, CEO and Co-founder of vFunction, will present the four key benefits of moving legacy applications to a cloud native architecture (increased business agility, lower costs, improved scalability and accelerated engineering velocity), and introduce new techniques and best practices to accelerate the app modernization process and a company’s journey to cloud native architecture. This technical workshop will also include insights into how architects and developers can leverage advances in dynamic analysis, data science, and graph theory to advance microservice architecture refactoring to accelerate and refine the decomposition of monolithic applications into microservices.