Thursday, October 28, 2021

PRO TALK (API): Pure APIs: Development workflows for successful API integrations
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Jose Haro Peralta
Jose Haro Peralta
Algorizm, Co-Founder of / Full Stack Consultant

APIs are the fundamental tenets of the Internet. They enable integrations between different services, and they power the servers that bring our applications to life. API integrations lay at the core of our API-driven world, and delivering successful API integrations is fundamental to sustain it. However, more often than not, API integrations tend to fail due to ineffective development workflows. In this presentation, I want to present various API development workflows that have helped me and my clients deliver successful API integrations. I’ll show how documentation-driven development, using mock servers, robust API testing frameworks, and API visibility tools can help to significantly reduce the chances of API integration failure and to keep errors under control.