Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK: Architecting Cloud-Native Microservices and APIs for Gigascale
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John DesJardins
John DesJardins
Hazelcast, CTO

Applications and APIs today are expected to evolve rapidly and continuously, or to face disruption. This has driven the need for the agility enabled by Microservices. Meanwhile, mobile has driven both a dramatic increase in data volumes and levels of interaction, while also driving expectations for always-on applications and faster response times.
This talk will cover key architectural elements of cloud-native Microservices that can process at Giga-scale, where event streams or user interactions can require or even one billion events per second. Distributed computing architectures for delivering this scale while also achieving 99.999% uptime will be explored, including in-memory and data locality, elasticity and resilience. The talk will also cover new challenges for building transactional apps in these architectures, such as: service discovery, retrying, load balancing, tracing causes of failures, transactional semantics.