Thursday, October 28, 2021

PRO TALK (API): API End-to-End Use Cases
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Joe Furbee
Joe Furbee
SAS, Developer Advocate and Developers Community Manager

Over the past two years at SAS, we've concentrated on growing our API program. Open source developers and data scientists have increased their adoption and usage of our APIs. Our microservice APIs serve specific, sometimes low-level functions. We realized we needed to provide aggregated APIs to cover more complex use cases. We formed a cross-departmental collaborative team, identified common scenarios, and created code packages in covering various open source languages for analytics, modeling, job execution, etc., and placed them on GitHub. This presentation outlines our process, from how we identified uses cases, to forming the team, to creating the standards for our GitHub template repository. I'll also discuss our release and marketing strategies to promote the repository and soliciting contributions from users.